Memorial Gifts and Honor Gifts

In Memory Of

Lillian Johnson

James M. Stanton

Deanna Coolbroth Stratton

Elizabeth Bartley Stratton

Mary Catherine Lethbridge

John G. Hubbell

Evelyn B. Johnson

Joseph Michaelski

Gary Lee Hardin

Gary Lee Hardin, Jr.

Loretta “Sonny” Bolduc

Saleemah Shabazz

Virginia McDonald

Barbara Pudas

Annalee Stewart

John “Jack” Smith

Les Deardeuff

Rosemary Henson

Have you ever thought about honoring a loved one or special friend by entering their name on a memorial or honor list, but just never got to the “doing” part?  Your tribute to that person gives recognition of your caring and may remind others of time shared with that individual.   Perhaps someone present in your life today is about to celebrate a life event—a birthday, graduation, or wedding.  Your gift to CrossRoads Panorama in honor of that individual does double duty.  It provides valuable funding for programs selected to afford youth opportunities to learn skills, build self-esteem, and to better prepare them for success in their life journey ahead.  Youth Education Through the Arts is our mission.  We welcome your interest and participation in our effort to achieve a worthy goal.

Please note that CrossRoads Panorama,  is a 501 {3}{c} charitable organization and that any donation made is tax deductible.  Thank you for your consideration.