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Have you ever thought about honoring a loved one or special friend by entering their name on a memorial or honor list, but just never got to the “doing” part?  Your tribute to that person gives recognition of your caring and may remind others of time shared with that individual.   Perhaps someone present in your life today is about to celebrate a life event—a birthday, graduation, or wedding.  Your gift to CrossRoads Panorama in honor of that individual does double duty.  It provides valuable funding for programs selected to afford youth opportunities to learn skills, build self-esteem, and to better prepare them for success in their life journey ahead.  Youth Education Through the Arts is our mission.  We welcome your interest and participation in our effort to achieve a worthy goal.

Please note that CrossRoads Panorama,  is a 501 {3}{c} charitable organization and that any donation made is tax deductible.  Thank you for your consideration.


Saleemah was an important part of my life and work from the time she was ten years old to her recent passing at 39 in 2020.  A talented, phenomenal woman with a visible zest for life, she shared her love, life and gifts of speaking and acting with her four children, family, friends, church and community.  Saleemah was a dedicated soldier and faithful servant within Crossroads Panorama (CRP) where she served various roles–as she had done within Actors For Christ (AFC) in earlier years.  She will continue to be remembered with love and gratitude as a dear friend.  I am now remembering her by celebrating her life.

Remembering Bill Green as a Friend & Brother

It has been a challenging time for me, this past couple of weeks in the loss of mybeloved brother,Bill Green.  I had no idea he was going to leave us so quickly.   When I spoke with him last, I thought he was going to be alright.  But we never know what tomorrow brings… that is why we should enjoy each other while we live.

My brother will certainly be missed.  I will miss his noble spirit,the encouragement andtrustworthiness. He really walked me through many trials and life’s uncertainties.  He was an honorable man and took on the challenge, no matter what it was and made investmentsinto many lives! He was smart and educated.  I’ve never, in all the 47years I’ve known him, seen him angry, or to treat anyone unkind. He was consistent in his walk with God, how he treated people, as a man of God.  He did not compromise.  He was not just a Christian but a saint.

I remember when he attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota over 45 years ago; he had a life conversion.  I personally made many trips to Northfield picking him up and other students to bring to church.My mom’s house was always open for those who needed a place to stay while in school, she always welcomed and made room.

When Billgraduated from St. Olaf College, he took up residence at my mom’sfor a short while. I remember his first job at the Ober Boys Club through the Union Gospel Mission; we both were directors there.  He was so excited to work there;he had a great influence on the youth.He played a great part in theActors for Christ,a theater ministry; his acting skills were phenomenal. We were on the radio and performing all over the city as he built his faith in God.

Throughout the years, Bill became employed at St. Olaf College in the multi-cultural department until he retired there.  He told me, they had a long receiving line of people who came and shook his hand. I remember later he became multi-cultural director at North Central University.  I said,“I thought you retired!” During that time, he showed me pictures of him running track, at his age… I said,“Oh no!” What a guy! 

His favorite sayings were“the struggle is real,”“cultural mandate,” “write the narrative,” and “community.”  He touched many lives and left an unforgettable imprint!I am forever grateful for the legacy my brother left here on earth.  If you were a part of his life, you can say with me, he is worthy of honor!  I think of him every day; he made a great impact on my life.  He will not be forgotten.