About Us



CrossRoads Panorama (CRP) is a community-based youth arts Theater that helps youth; ages 5 on up, We combines creative dramatization techniques to empower youth with tools to explore and understand real life issues. CRP’s successful use of drama therapy as an interactive learning experience gives youth a viable way to visualize problems and make positive choices. Joyce as Founder and Executive Director of this non-profit organization that provides impact results in the lives who participate.



Like many children growing up, Joyce’s favorite activity as a child was to participate in acting out plays for family and friends. By mid-teens her interest deepened and involved all aspects of putting together a performance to be shared. She began to write stories to herself that could replace the need for borrowed library scripts. When organizing plays, she usually found herself in the role of Director. When fourteen years old, Joyce organized a play "What Makes that Dog Hollar?" held in her mother’s garage. The script was from the library. A young girl in a wheelchair whose sister had pushed her there was the first ticket holder to appear. Something about that memory inspired Joyce to make a connection between drama and healing that expanded her thinking of possibilities. Today she is a Certified Drama Therapist with a doctorate in Creative Drama Art Therapy.